Learn Some Important Tricks for Promoting Graphic Designs on Instagram

Learn Some Important Tricks for Promoting Graphic Designs on Instagram

You seem to be well aware of the fact that Instagram is the most popular social media platform which is primarily a visual channel where you could share stunning videos and pictures. This is a completely dedicated platform for highlighting visual art in practically all forms and types.

Graphic designers, book illustrators, logo artists, poster creators, t-shirt designers, and even catalog designers are all supposed to be graphic artists.

All these professionals could be effectively promoting their creation or work and enjoy immense benefits provided these people know how to exploit the platform and use it to their own advantage. You could easily promote and advertise your unique works of art. In other words, Instagram could be used as an extension of your visual portfolio.

You could effectively harness the power of Instagram for promoting yourself as a graphic designer or for showcasing your T-shirts and this way; you could boost brand recognition and brand presence on this powerful social networking site. Let us explore some of the important tips and tricks for promoting your graphic design projects on Instagram.

Stay Clear of Posting Fuzzy Pictures or Screenshots

Instagram gives you the opportunity to showcase your graphic design finesse and impress all your potential clients. As such, you must refrain from posting blurry pictures and screenshots of your designs on Instagram. Instagrammers are looking for exclusive, original, and unique content. They would appreciate and acknowledge authenticity and innovative ideas. You must use a high-resolution picture of the book cover illustration.

Keep taking pictures of your work and you may demonstrate how your work is progressing step by step. Your target audience and some of your prospective clienteles would like to witness your entire creative process. When you use behind-the-scenes pictures it would generate a lot of curiosity and interest. This could be a fantastic way of promoting your unique graphic design creations.

Stimulate Emotions by Using High-Resolution, Top Quality Pictures

There is incredible power in persuasion and emotions if they are used effectively in visual form. You must focus on getting your visual direction correctly for boosting your overall social media presence and enhancing your reputation as a commendable graphic designer. The pictures and videos must generate a lot of interest and users must be compelled to engage at once with your content.

Before sharing your works of art on this visual-oriented platform, think of all the visual aids that are at your disposal and you should be figuring out the way you would want to present your unique designs on this predominantly photo-sharing platform.

It is best to fully-utilize the photo-editing apps and tools on Instagram. The point is to share near-perfect pictures to draw and grab user attention and boost engagement. There are many impressive photo-editing tools on Instagram. You could use effective tools such as filters, cropping, exposure, and contrast editing for enhancing your visual identity. You must know the technique of stimulating emotions with your visuals.

For instance, suppose you have come up with a poster for a reputed air conditioning brand, you must have highlighted a person’s level of comfort through the expression on his face as he relaxes in the air-conditioned bedroom after a day’s hard work. You could consider highlighting a gesture or interaction in your Instagram images for grabbing your target audience’s attention. It is important to connect with your target audience on a purely emotional level while you are on Instagram.

Use Hashtags with Wisdom

There is no success mantra on Instagram other than the clever use of hashtags. Hashtags not only help to categorize your Instagram images and develop a social bonding but they also help in boosting your overall online visibility and presence. Examine their use by browsing the Internet before you actually try using them and experimenting on Instagram.

Learn Some Important Tricks for Promoting Graphic Designs on Instagram

It is best if you do not use generic hashtags such as #design or even #logographics. Choose hashtags that would precisely define your work. Avoid using more than five hashtags. Visit reputed sites such as https://gramblast.com/ if you wish to boost overall engagement through real Instagram views, likes, and followers.

It is a good idea to do enough research and determine which hashtags are in vogue and doing quite well. You must use those hashtags that are increasingly gaining a lot of traction and engagement. The top hashtags would be attracting maximum comments and likes on Instagram.

Make Sure that Your Graphic Design Is Relevant to Your Target Audience

Nobody likes serious business conversations all the time. Instagram is probably the only platform where the term business exudes persona, enthusiasm, and vibrancy.  So you must focus on highlighting such designs that possess some character and personality in them. It would be really fantastic if your target audience could have great fun while going through your original graphic designs. Since your unique designs would generate some amount of interest and curiosity in your audience, they would be opting for your graphic design services.

You must incorporate a story into your pictures and make your Instagram followers fall intensely in love with your creative designs. When you share something relevant or relatable, it would be attracting the right clienteles and boosting your brand’s overall social media presence.

Consistency Is the Key

You need to demonstrate consistency in your work if you wish to attract more and more followers on your Instagram account. It is important to stay relevant and abreast with the latest trends and developments in your line of work. Your target audience must relate to the images you are sharing and you must keep posting your pictures consistently and on a purely periodic basis. You must get into the habit of posting at least, once or twice every day. Consistency does not imply to only posting content regularly but also, it implies maintaining visual consistency.

Do Not Overdo

Avoid overdoing while demonstrating your creative graphic designs on Instagram. It is better to browse through just 100 eye-catching images instead of 3000 nondescript pictures that have no goal or clarity. Coherence is supposed to be the hallmark of your success on Instagram as a dedicated graphic designer.


Remember Instagram is a truly stimulating platform that is just right for connecting with your clienteles to promote your graphic design work. Therefore, do not treat it as just a casual image-sharing platform. Realistically speaking, Instagram is a wonderful tool for building your business presence and establishing brand recognition online. Instagram definitely is a robust tool for illustrators and graphic designers to showcase and highlight their creativity and talent.