Is there another name for tuberculosis?

Is there another name for tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis (TB) was called “phthisis” in ancient Greece, “tabes” in ancient Rome, and “schachepheth” in ancient Hebrew. In the 1700s, TB was called “the white plague” due to the paleness of the patients. TB was commonly called “consumption” in the 1800s even after Schonlein named it tuberculosis.

Where does tuberculosis get its name?

Tuberculosis, of course, gets its name from the Latin word tuber, which is a botanical term for an underground structure consisting of a solid rounded outgrowth of a stem of a more or less rounded form that bears eyes, or buds, from which new plants may arise. The most familiar example is the potato.

What is the most common form of tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis: Types The most common form of active TB is lung disease, but it may invade other organs, so-called “extrapulmonary TB.”

What are the 2 types of tuberculosis?

There are two types of TB conditions: TB disease and latent TB infection.

What are the different names for tuberculosis ( TB )?

The various names have included consumption, phthisis, scrofula, the Kings Touch, The White Plague and the Captain of all these Men of Death. It is unclear whether all the different names given to TB were actually the disease TB. In the Indian document the Sushruta Samhita there is a description of a disease called Phthisis or Sosha.

What kind of bacteria does TB come from?

Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. For more information on CDC’s web notification policies, see Website Disclaimers.

Which is part of the body does TB attack?

Basic TB Facts. Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacteria usually attack the lungs, but TB bacteria can attack any part of the body such as the kidney, spine, and brain. Not everyone infected with TB bacteria becomes sick. As a result, two TB-related conditions exist: latent TB infection (LTBI)…

Which is the most common test for tuberculosis?

The TB skin test, also known as the Mantoux tuberculin skin test, is the most common way doctors diagnose tuberculosis. They’ll inject a tiny amount of fluid called tuberculin just below the …

What are two other names for tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis has been called by numerous names like Phthisis, Consumption, Scrofula, Wasting disease, White Plague, etc. Tuberculosis (TB) is a chronic, infectious disease caused by bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis .

What are some interesting facts about tuberculosis?

Here are the top interesting facts about tuberculosis: #1 Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease which commonly affects the lungs. The bacteria ( Mycobacterium tuberculosis ) which cause this condition are spread from one individual to another through tiny droplets released into the air.

What does the name tuberculosis mean?

tuberculosis – Medical Definition. n. Abbr. TB. An infectious disease of humans and animals caused by the tubercle bacillus and characterized by the formation of tubercles on the lungs and other tissues of the body, often developing long after the initial infection.

What are the early signs of tuberculosis?

Symptoms of Tuberculosis. Generally, people only show symptoms of tuberculosis when they have the active form of the disease. Early signs and symptoms may include fever, chills, and loss of appetite. The more specific symptoms of the condition include cough that lasts 3 weeks or longer, pain in the chest, and coughing up blood.