Is there an age limit for osteoporosis?

Is there an age limit for osteoporosis?

Bone density tests are recommended for all women age 65 and older, and for younger women at higher-than-normal risk for a fracture. Men may want to discuss osteoporosis screening with their doctor if they’re over age 70 or at high risk for thinning bones.

Why are elderly people more prone to broken bones?

Elderly people are particularly susceptible to broken bones because as bones age, they lose the ability to resist the formation and growth of cracks that can lead to bone breaks because they cannot withstand as much pressure as younger bones.

When did my 85 year old mother have a stroke?

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How old is my mother and is she losing weight?

My mother is 83 years old and has been losing weight in the last year to a horrifying degree. She is 5’0 and now weighs My mother is 83 years old and has been losing weight in the…

Can a person have osteoporosis in their 50s?

With osteoporosis, you can fracture bones simply under your own body weight,” Dr. Tontz explains. We often think of osteoporosis as a disease of the elderly, but in reality the condition can strike as early as age 50.

How long has Pam been living with osteoporosis?

Current Condition: Pam has osteoporosis, diagnosed after she had broken several bones with minimal trauma. She knows about trauma: she was in severe automoblile collision 30 years ago, sustaining significant injuries. She has been living with osteoporosis for about 20 years.

When does bone mass stop growing in osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis. Sometime around age 30, bone mass stops increasing, and the goal for bone health is to keep as much bone as possible for as long as you can. As people enter their 40s and 50s, more bone may be broken down than is replaced. A close look at the inside of bone shows something like a honeycomb.

How old do you have to be to be screened for osteoporosis?

Currently, screening for osteoporosis is recommended for women who are 65 years old or older and for women who are 50 to 64 and have certain risk factors, which include having a parent who has broken a hip. You can use the FRAX Risk Assessment tool to learn if you should be screened.