Is there a Sims 3 drug mod?

Is there a Sims 3 drug mod?

Druglord allows your Sim to make money buying and selling drugs. Every day the quantity and prices of every Sim’s drugs are changed, allowing you to make your rounds looking for good buys, and making profitable sales.

Which career makes the most money Sims 3?

Profit. If profit and earnings is what the players are really looking for, the simple answer is the Medical career. The top of Medical career (World Renowned Surgeon) has the highest earnings per week, while Military (Astronaut) has the lowest earnings per week, as Sims only work once per week.

How do you get potent cure elixir in Sims 3?

Potent Cure Elixir

  1. Requires Wolfsbane Flower, Glow Orbs (a type of mushroom), and Ruby.
  2. Cures any magical debuffs, and permanently reverses any sort of magical race.

How do you become a surgeon in Sims 3?

To get your Sim a job in the medical career track, have them apply at the hospital. This career track is very logic-intensive and will require your Sim to read medical journals most every day to maintain a high level of job performance.

Where do Sims 4 mods go?

Documents/Electronic Arts
Your mods folder is located in: Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods. Once you’re in game, you’ll also need to enable mods in your game settings by going to your Options menu under the Other tab.

How do customers get basement drugs?

To start selling drugs you need a quite high friendship with your NPC drug dealer that we talked about in “Buying Drugs”. When your friendship is high enough you will get the option to “Inquire About Selling Drug”. You need your drug dealers blessing to start peddling all four sellable drugs.

What is the sims 3 cheat for money?

The Sims 3 Cheats

Cheat What it Does
testingcheatsenabled true Enables testing cheats (such as shift-click mailbox)
kaching or rosebud Gives the household $1,000 Simoleons
familyfunds lastname amount The best money cheat. Gives the specified amount of money to the household with that last name

What Sims job makes the most money?

From among all the jobs in The Sims 4, there are three that you receive the most money from:

  • Interstellar smuggler (Astronaut path) – 14,868 Simoleons per week.
  • Triple agent (Secret Agent path) – 12,875 Simoleons per week. Â
  • Boss (Criminal path) – 12,460 Simoleons per week.

    What is the best fertilizer in The Sims 3?

    The last fertilizer info I’d like to provide is that Life Fruit and Garlic are by far the best fertilizers in the Sims 3. Why? They are both outstanding level fertilizer (at perfect quality), and last a full three days longer than vampire fish (also highly potent).

    How do I get the bottled blessing of the Fae?

    There is an elixir known as the Bottled Blessing of the Fae which can turn a normal Sim into a fairy. A Sim with level 10 of Alchemy skill can mix this elixir at the alchemy station by having red toadstools, sunstone gem and fairy dust in their inventory.

    Can Sims get plastic surgery?

    Sims can get plastic surgery from the hospital. Sims can get either face surgery to change their face structure, or body surgery to change their weight, muscle mass, muscle definition, and breast size, respectively. There are 6 options for the plastic surgery: Cheap facial beautification (§950)

    What skills do you need for the medical career in The Sims 3?

    The doctor is a genius. He’s simply brilliant, and will gain the logic skill faster. Logic is the only skill requirement of the medical career track, so this is important.