Is Ortho-K covered by insurance?

Is Ortho-K covered by insurance?

Ortho-K is not covered by insurance. Ortho-K is considered an “elective procedure,” which means it isn’t covered by most vision insurance policies. For most patients in need of a vision solution, the cost of fitting ortho-K lenses is a small price to pay for all-day clear sight.

What are the benefits of Ortho-K?

The Benefits

  • Orthokeratology is a painless, non-invasive treatment.
  • Your vision improves more wearing ortho-K lenses than when wearing eyeglasses or soft contacts.
  • Having ortho-k lenses teaches responsibility, particularly among kids.
  • Wearing ortho-k lenses slow the progression of refractive errors.

Does Ortho-K work for everyone?

Ortho-K lenses can be effective for almost anyone, but children are particularly good candidates. Other good candidates include those within a specified range of prescriptions, and those who need vision correction without corrective lenses, such as pilots, police officers, or athletes.

Can Ortho-K damage your eyes?

As with all contact lens use, the two most common side effects that occur in patients with ortho-k lenses are corneal edema and staining. Other potential side effects include pain, redness, tearing, irritation, discharge, ocular abrasion or visual distortion.

Is ortho-k better than Lasik?

While ortho-K is ideal for a patient who is not an appropriate LASIK candidate or does not want to undergo surgery, other patients who want zero dependence on glasses or contact lenses might be more satisfied with LASIK.

Can adults wear ortho-k?

Ortho-K Lenses are therapeutic lenses designed and approved by the FDA for overnight application. We use only FDA approved materials from reputable manufacturers. It is safe for children and adults.

Are ortho-k worth it?

The many patients (and parents of patients) who use ortho-k lenses can attest that this unique method of vision correction is well worth its price point.

What are the side effects of orthokeratology in adults?

Additionally, individual studies have shown a 40 to 60 percent reduction rate in refractive rate change, or a change in prescription, when orthokeratology is used in adults compared to adults who wore glasses or soft contact lenses.

What does it mean to have orthokeratology for vision?

Orthokeratology is a surgery-free way for some people to leave their glasses behind and not have to wear contact lenses all the time. Ortho-k is sometimes recommended to correct children’s vision. Vision can continue to change for some children into adulthood and their 20’s.

When do you wear contact lenses for Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology, or ortho-k, is the use of specially designed and fitted contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea to improve vision. It’s like orthodontics for your eyes and the treatment is often compared to dental braces. Most ortho-k lenses are worn at night to reshape the front surface of the eye while you sleep.

What can you expect from Ortho-K Vision Correction?

What can you expect from ortho-k? It can take two weeks or longer to attain the maximum vision correction from orthokeratology, although some people experience significant vision improvement in days. In clinical studies of Food and Drug Administration-approved ortho-k lenses, most patients achieved 20/40 vision or better.