Is it bad to have a back molar extracted?

Is it bad to have a back molar extracted?

What’s so bad about wanting to have a back molar extracted rather than go to the expense of a root canal, a crown, and a possible second root canal if the first one should fail. It’s the last molar in the back, and my teeth are somewhat too crowded on that side of my mouth anyway.

What happens if I Lose my second molar?

In most people, that will be the second molar. There is no tooth behind it to tip forward if that tooth is missing. If it’s a lower last molar, you will probably also end up losing the upper molar, because it will now have no opposing tooth and will drift down until it starts to bite on the gum, but that will be the extent of your problems.

Do you need a second molar if you only have one premolar?

And if you have all your premolars and front teeth, you can get along okay with just first molars and no second molars – that is enough teeth to chew on adequately.

When do you need a molar tooth extraction?

Not always: Molar tooth extraction can be simple with no surgery involved in many cases. Sometimes if a tooth is badly broken, or has had a root canal treatment i Read More

Do you need to replace upper second molar?

An upper second molar is probably the least likely tooth have knock on effect problems if removed. Although all the issues you raise are possible, in my experience and opinion, they are unlikely. Talk to your dentist about these concerns and ask him to address them- hopefully s/he will say similar things to me!

What happens when a lower molar is removed?

So some teeth are only biting on half of the tooth…. which is often all we need. The lower molars do not over erupt as commonly as the upper molars do when the opposing tooth is removed. Sometimes the bone over-erupts as well causing a much more serious problem.

What causes pain in the upper molar area?

Allergic inflammation or infection of the sinuses can cause tooth pain. The upper molars are most likely to hurt since they are located close to the sinuses. Unlike other causes of tooth pain, which are restricted to the tooth affected by a particular process like a cavity, the pain associated with sinusitis will be felt in multiple teeth.

When to go to the dentist for a cracked molar?

The pain in your molar from a cracked filling or tooth may be sharp and sudden or only flare when you eat or drink cold and hot foods and beverages. Your dentist can treat a cracked filling or tooth and restore your molar’s function. A damaged molar can’t repair itself.