Is hitting your funny bone serious?

Is hitting your funny bone serious?

In the case of hitting your funny bone, squashing your ulnar nerve into your medial epicondyle bone is irritating. And you feel this nerve pain in the areas where your ulnar nerve provides sensation, resulting in an unpleasant, shocking sensation shooting down your forearm and into your fingers.

What injury is hitting your funny bone?

Cubital tunnel syndrome is a problem with the ulnar nerve, which passes through the inside of the elbow. It causes pain that feels a lot like the pain you feel when you hit the “funny bone” in your elbow.

What should you do if you hit your funny bone really hard?

Most injuries to the funny bone quickly resolve. People generally resort to shaking their forearm and hand until their symptoms go away. Other treatment options include straightening out the elbow (bending the elbow can stretch the nerve), limiting the mobility of the elbow, and steps to decrease inflammation.

What do you do if you hit your funny bone really hard?

What happens when you hit Your Funny Bone?

What happens when you hit your so-called funny bone is that you’ve pressed the ulnar nerve against the hard surface of the humerus bone, which runs from your shoulder to your elbow. The sudden compression sends a tingling shard of pain through your arm, but, as we all know, it passes in moments with no lasting effects.

What kind of bone is the funny bone?

Your funny bone is not a bone at all. It’s the ulnar nerve, running very superficially as it passes by the medial epicondyle of the humerus. From what you describe, it seems like you’ve injured or irritated the nerve.

Can You Break Your Funny Bone but small stress fracture?

You can’t break your funny bone, but small stress fractures can happen to anyone. Maybe we mashed together those two words — funny and bone — to reflect the painful truth that it feels for a minute as if we’ve broken an elbow bone, but, ha!, not really. It never seems that funny in the moment, though.

What causes pain when you smack your funny bone?

But the passing pain of smacking your funny bone is related to a more serious, persistent problem called cubital tunnel syndrome. You may know it as “tennis elbow.”