Is a neonatologist a pediatrician?

Is a neonatologist a pediatrician?

Neonatologists are first and foremost pediatricians — doctors responsible for the medical care of children. When something goes wrong, neonatologists are there to coordinate with other healthcare professionals to provide your baby the proper care.

What is Paediatrician and neonatologist?

Overview. Paediatrics is a medical speciality in the branch of medicine that involves medical care of infants, children and adolescents. Neonatologists on the other hand are specialised in taking care of newly born babies (especially premature babies or those with problems after birth).

What is a newborn doctor called?

Neonatologists practice in children’s hospitals, university medical centers, and large community hospitals. Your pediatrician or obstetrician will be able to refer you to a neonatologist if your newborn baby needs this special care.

What’s the difference between a pediatrician and a neonatologist?

Neonatologist is a person with specialization in Neonatology. This course is a sub specialty of Pediatrics which deals with the medical care given to ill or premature infants. It is a hospital based specialty which is practiced in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

What’s the difference between a general and a pediatric paediatrician?

General paediatricians can treat (or are involved in the care of) most medical and developmental problems in children; it’s a skillset in itself to have to be across such a wide range of medical problems as well as behaviour and development.

What kind of pediatrician takes care of babies?

A pediatrician with specialized training in caring for sick and/or premature infants is called a neonatologist. These pediatricians provide care for newborn babies who require intensive care soon after birth.

Can you be a pediatric or neonatal nurse practitioner?

Once you have this degree, you will be able to work as either a neonatal nurse practitioner or a pediatric nurse specialist. Your clinical experience will be arranged with the most appropriate preceptor and administrator.