How to Keep Business Data Secure When Transitioning to a New Office

How to Keep Business Data Secure When Transitioning to a New Office

Transitioning from one office to another can offer a greater benefit for your business. One is that it gives you a golden opportunity to reconsider changes such as the new working environment, new ways of doing business, and identifying your brand. This can create a massive influence on your staff productivity, retention, and motivation, and also attracting the best talent for your workers. In addition, it enhances collaboration and improved internal connections.

However, before transitioning offices, there are various things you need to look at in order to keep your equipment and business data secure. Since the latter is one of the most significant assets in a business, in this article, we examine various ways to protect your data when moving offices.

  • Upload Your Data Files to VDR
  • A V.D.R (virtual/online data room) is one of the best and present ways of storing and maintaining information while ensuring security to the highest standards. Apart from being very secure, VDR is regarded as the most modern method of keeping records and makes business transactions very straightforward. Moreover, it’s accountable and one can access information from anywhere as long as they are granted user permission. This is one of the ways you would want to utilize when transitioning offices to keep your private data files secure.

    • Look for a Secure Means of Transport

    This is very necessary when transitioning. Both personal and confidential documents should be transported in secured vehicles. One way of ensuring that the vehicles or transport trucks are secure is by making sure that they are locked with high-security padlocks. Another way is to see to it that the files are separated from unsecured office equipment, furniture, and other supplies.

    • Manage the Disposal of Electronic Data

    There are times when you need to destroy confidential data permanently especially when it’s of no use to the company anymore. This should be done carefully before the transition while considering additional precautions. Formatting your drives might seem like the best move. But this is not regarded as enough since there exists a wide variety of software that can be used to recover formatted information. Make sure to use special tools and/or utilities to destroy confidential data permanently from electronic sources such as portable disks and hard drives. To prove that this is done correctly, ensure to test all the drives afterward, or simply set them on fire.

    • Pack Your Data Securely

    While moving to a new office, it’s good to ensure that your materials are packed in a secure manner to avoid loss of confidential information during transportation. Such materials include electronics, documents, data drives, and etcetera. These articles should be placed in powerfully built boxes and strapped up carefully. Once this is done, the boxes should be stored with supervised access to a safe location during the transition.

    To conclude, when transitioning from one office to the other, data security is one of the things business owners should be concerned about. This is because damaging this data, or losing it to unauthorized people can pose a great danger to the business including total closure.