How to contact Bath Live 7 days a week?

How to contact Bath Live 7 days a week?

Welcome to Bath Live, the news channel keeping you in the know about what’s happening in the city seven days a week Email [email protected] or call 011793 43227 with your news and pictures. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook too. The photographer said, ‘so much for staying indoors’ and that this was ‘non-essential’ exercise.

Which is the best news channel for Bath?

Bath Live. Welcome to Bath Live, your fast-moving digital news channel to keep you in the know about what’s happening in Bath seven days a week. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook too. Things to do in Bath – Bath Rugby – Traffic & Travel – What’s On.

What happens when a loved one refuses to bathe?

If a loved one who used to wear makeup, bathe regularly, or refuse to don a wrinkled shirt suddenly stops taking care of themselves, it’s wise to rule out depression first.

How did I convince my mother in law to take a bath?

To help ease her mind, I stayed in the apartment but waited in another room. On the second bath visit, a different bathing aide showed up and my mother-in-law refused to let this woman in the house. She slammed the door and that was that. From there, bath visits were touch and go. Some days she would concede and others she would flat out refuse.

Why did my cat run away from the House?

My year and half old, female, spayed cat got outside. She’s never been outside nor has she ever really had much of a desire to go. I’m assuming that she went into the sun room when my husband let the dog out in the morning before work and didn’t realize that she got out and shut the door behind him.

How many people have watched cat spa day?

Kareem resumes the music and he and Chase continue relaxing. The video of the cat spa day has been viewed more than 50 million times and liked by 11 million TikTok users in just two days. TikTok users were delighted to see how much Chase the cat seemed to be enjoying himself, commenting “That is the most chill cat I have ever seen!”

What should I do if my cat wants to come in my house?

For external parasites, you may be able to give the cat a bath, so pick up a shampoo for getting rid of those. Now, it seems you are willing to pay for a vet, but are currently just not able to go the whole mile for a whole check-up, parasite-treatment, possibly vaccinations.

How many times has the cat spa day TikTok been watched?

A sleeping cat. A TikTok of a cat enjoying a spa day with his dad has been viewed more than 50 million times in two days. Constance Bannister Corp/Getty