How many cases of Lyme disease are reported each year worldwide?

How many cases of Lyme disease are reported each year worldwide?

In recent years, approximately 20,000–30,000 confirmed cases of Lyme disease per year have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

How many new cases of Lyme disease are there each year?

This statistic only reveals the number of Lyme disease in state departments alone, more cases are reported in other health centers too. The total number of Lyme disease in America from all health centers is more than 300,000 new cases each year.

When was the last time Lyme disease was diagnosed in Canada?

The Government currently has data for Lyme disease cases reported between 2009 and 2017: *The 2016 and 2017 Lyme disease cases are reported based on the recently updated Lyme disease case definition. **Report trends and statistics will be updated to reflect 2017 data once available.

How many cases of Lyme disease in Nova Scotia?

• To date, there have been 120 cases of Lyme disease reported in Nova Scotia, of which 101 (84%) were likely acquired within the province. A definite tick bite was reported by 25.8% of cases. • Cases ranged in age from three to 83 years. Cases were 64% male. Five percent of cases (6/120) were hospitalized.

Where was the first case of Lyme disease?

The first isolation of the agent of Lyme disease was from a blacklegged tick removed from a bird in Nova Scotia in 1999 (3). In 2002, the first human cases of Lyme disease were reported in Nova Scotia.

How many cases of Lyme disease are there in Canada?

[…] Lyme disease is emerging in Canada due to expansion of the range of the tick vector Ixodes scapularis from the United States. National surveillance for human Lyme disease cases began in Canada in 2009. Reported numbers of cases increased from 144 cases in 2009 to 2025 in 2017.

When did Lyme disease become a reportable disease?

In 1987, Lyme disease became a reportable disease. All physicians were required to report any and all cases of the disease. By 1988, the news of Lyme disease spread and national media attention began. The first federal funding for Lyme disease surveillance, education, and research became available in 1991.

When does Lyme disease start in the United States?

Reported Cases of Lyme Disease by Year, United States, 1996-2016. Lyme disease patients are most likely to have illness onset in June, July, or August and less likely to have illness onset from December through March. This figure represents the breakdown of reported Lyme disease cases from 2001 to 2016 by disease manifestation.

Why are there more probable cases of Lyme disease?

Due to the way surveillance data is collected, patients with severe symptoms or later manifestations may be more likely be included in the above figure, and percentages presented may be higher than what is typically seen in a “real world” setting. * National Surveillance case definition revised in 2008 to include probable cases.