How long does it take to get ankle x-rays back?

How long does it take to get ankle x-rays back?

Getting the Results In an emergency, the results of an X-ray can be available quickly. Otherwise, results are usually ready in 1-2 days.

Do you need an X-ray after an ankle sprain?

You just had a BAD ankle sprain. It’s black and blue. It hurts like hell. How do you know that its ONLY an ankle sprain, and not anything worse like a FRACTURE?! Well lucky for you, there’s a quick an easy test you can do NOW to screen if you need an x-ray after an ankle sprain. Ankle sprains are one of the most common athletic injuries.

When to apply ice to a sprained ankle?

As a result, the individual begins to realise that the ankle is still hurting months after the event. In the immediate aftermath of rolling or spraining your ankle, applying ice will help to reduce swelling and bruising – if it is particularly painful, x-rays may be called for determine if there have been any foot fractures.

When did I sprained my ankle on the back porch?

I sprained my left ankle pretty severely about 2 and half weeks ago, missing the last step of our back porch (genius, I know!). I heard it pop when I fell, but was at my grandparents farm where there is no ER.

Why does my ankle hurt after a sprain?

For this reason, and because these injuries may also involve entrapped fluid or impinging scar tissue, many reasons for persistent pain after ankle sprains are not apparent on X-ray.

When does a sprained ankle require an X-ray?

Severe ankle sprains need t be protected and immobilized as well. But fractures (broken ankle bones) need strict immobilization or surgery. If you have any tenderness at the fibula, tibia, navicular or styloid process, then you definitely need to get xrays. At Doc On The Run, we treat ankle injuries as emergencies.

When to xray sprained ankle?

We typically recommend x-rays for ankle sprains in situations where pain and swelling are moderate to severe and persist for several days, when you are unable to bear weight on the leg, when tenderness is present over the bones of the foot and ankle.

Can you see a sprain ankle through an X-ray?

Most times, ankle sprains do not require an x-ray or surgery. However, sometimes an ankle sprain can be accompanied by a fracture in the foot or ankle which could require a different treatment protocol from a sprain.

What are the signs of a broken ankle?

The signs and symptoms of a broken ankle are the same as a sprained ankle. Signs and symptoms of a broken ankle: pain (almost always present) swelling. bruising. deformity (ankle appears misshapen) numbness or tingling. broken skin with bone visible.