How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

How long does a belly button piercing take to heal?

Belly Button Piercing Aftercare. Unlike pierced ears, which take 4-6 weeks to heal, your belly button may not fully heal for up to 1 year. You’ll go home with tips on how to keep your new piercing clean and prevent infection.

Can I shower after getting a belly piercing?

Showering with a New Belly Button Piercing You should never soap up a new belly piercing directly, because soap can dry out your skin and irritate a new piercing. It’s okay if sudsy water runs over your belly button piercing when you’re showering, but you should wash it exclusively with sea salt solution.

Can you shower after getting a belly button piercing?

Can I wear jeans with a belly button piercing?

It is recommended that you do not wear high waisted jeans to your piercing appointment. After you have your belly button pierced, high waisted jeans would compress the new, sore site and potentially snag your jewelry. This will only lengthen the healing time and may even cause permanent trauma to your skin.

What does it mean when your belly button is pierced?

What Is a Belly Button Piercing? A belly button piercing is when you have a ring or other ornament through the skin around your belly button.

How long does it take to get a belly button piercing?

Your piercer will then take the hollow needle and then pierce the area. It will take a few seconds at least. If you bleed, that is completely normal. They will make sure that it stops immediately and it will after a few minutes. After getting the pierce through the skin, they’ll put the jewelry in. And that’s really it.

Where can I get a belly button ring?

When you’re searching for the newest belly ring for your favorite body piercing, there’s no better place to look than right here! We offer up thousands of affordable choices for navel jewelry from the staple dangle belly ring with sparkling gems to the simple and classic externally threaded navel barbell.

What should I do if I get an infection from my belly button piercing?

The piercer will clean up your navel and give you instructions for aftercare. Any initial itchiness and localized tenderness is normal. If you experience any discomfort or tightness, it’s recommended that you remove the jewelry that’s currently in place. You can do this yourself with clean hands, or have it done at the shop where you got pierced.

What you should know before getting a belly button piercing?

Getting Your Belly Button Pierced Professionally Assess the cleanliness of the shop. Look for general tidiness and watch the artists to make sure that they wear sterile gloves and use sterile solutions on the skin. Be prepared to show identification to prove you’re at least 16 years of age.

What are the dangers of belly button piercing?

There are some of the most common risks of the belly button piercing: Naval piercing takes a long time to heal and if proper care of the wound is not taken, it may get infected, most commonly, an abscess. And what’s worse, the infection may spread if left untreated.

What does a belly button piercing feel like?

When getting your belly button pierced, you can expect it to feel like a slight pinch right above your navel . Many claim that it feels similar to an immunization shot, so if you don’t mind getting shots, the piercing process should be easy! The piercing process is fast, and the pain associated with it is very brief.

What to expect with belly button piercing?

Pain and Healing Time. Although you may think a belly button piercing wouldn’t hurt that much due to being on your stomach, it will hurt slightly-just like any other piercing. Because the skin on your stomach is fleshy, it’s true that you can probably expect it to be less painful than some sort of cartilage piercing.