How do you deal with pain after a fall?

How do you deal with pain after a fall?

It stands for rest, ice, compress, and elevate, and it’s the go-to treatment for minor sprains and bruising. Ice the injury as soon as possible and put pressure on it with an elastic wrap or bandage. If you’ve hurt an arm or leg, rest with it raised above your heart to keep swelling down.

Is it good to walk after a fall?

Weather related, or non-weather related, falling can have long lasting implications on our physical and mental health. Exercise that maintains muscle strength, bone density, and balance is key to recovering from a fall and preventing another fall from occurring.

How did I Fall and hurt my arm?

I’ve been experiencing a tingling that is on the left side of my sternum, where the ribcage ends – right at that notch. It … read more back in December I fell off a 3 step ladder while taking tree decorations off. I landed on my left side on my arm. I was in front of a huge picture glass … read more My 17 year old fell and hurt his arm.

What happens when you fall and hit Your Head?

Since I fell pretty hard sking a few weeks ago I have numbness in hands only when I’m laying down. I wake at night and both my hands are numb one more than the other.When I fell I hit my head very har … read more

How old was I when I Fell and landed on my arm?

Back in August I started getting a pain on the inside of my elbow. This started happening … read more I’m a 57 yr old female and I twisted my foot and fell, couldn’t catch myself and fell on my right arm. It has been really sore every since. I had a huge … read more

When to take steps after a slip and fall?

Because slip, trip, and falls can happen anywhere—and to anybody—it’s important to know what steps to take following an accident. This is especially true when your fall isn’t your fault.

What happens when you fall down the stairs?

Fell from stairs yesterday, hurt the tail bone area between the hips. Can’t sit properly, also feel pain while standing up. need detailed discussion Read More My mother just now fell from the stairs and she got hurt on shoulder. She is a b.p patient and currently feeling from severe vertigo.

What should I do if I fall for the first time?

If you have a glass or bottle of water within reach, you can take small sips from it. Regardless of whether this is your first fall, or you fall regularly, it’s important to tell your GP practice, or other health professional – such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist. Many underlying causes of falls can be treated or corrected.

What should I do if my sister fell down stairs?

Dear sir My sister fell from stairs and got hit very hardly on back side. She is having very much pain. We consulted a local doctor and also done xray too. He advised complete bed rest and asked not to getup at any cost. I am attaching a xray pic please check and advice what to do.