How do you cite the Oxford Dictionary in text MLA?

How do you cite the Oxford Dictionary in text MLA?

In-Text Citation – No Author If a dictionary or encyclopedia entry has no author, the in-text citation should include the first word or words in the title of the entry. The title of the entry should be in quotation marks, with each word starting with a capital letter.

Is the Oxford English Dictionary free?

Access the new OED Online free and from home using your local library’s subscription. The OED is also available worldwide via the libraries of universities, colleges, schools, and others institutions.

What is the longest word in the English dictionary?


Is there an Oxford English Dictionary app?

This flagship dictionary from Oxford University Press is the best Android app for building up vocabulary, reference or use in education.

Which dictionary app is best?

Here are the best dictionary apps for Android!…English Dictionary.Google Search.Merriam-Webster Dictionary.Pocket Thesaurus.WordWeb.