How did yellow fever affect Memphis?

How did yellow fever affect Memphis?

With the horrors of the 1873 epidemic fresh on their minds, roughly 25,000 residents fled the city within two weeks. The fever raged in Memphis until mid-October, infecting over 17,000 and killing 5,150. Over 90 percent of whites who remained contracted yellow fever, and roughly 70 percent of these died.

How many died from yellow fever in Memphis?

Yellow Fever Burials: During the outbreaks of Yellow Fever there were over 5,000 fatalities in the city. Some 2500 of the Memphis victims are buried in four public lots at Elmwood; among them are doctors, ministers, nuns, and even prostitutes who died tending to the sick.

What disease attacked Memphis in the late 1870s?

Extensive yellow fever epidemics in the 1870s (1873, 1878 and 1879) devastated the city. In 1873 some 2,000 people died, the highest fatalities of any inland city. Because of the severity of the 1873 epidemic, when yellow fever was diagnosed on August 5, 1878, more than 25,000 people left the city within two weeks.

What states were affected by yellow fever?

  • Philadelphia 1793-1805. Main article: Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793.
  • Haiti: 1790–1802.
  • Savannah, Georgia: 1820.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: 1853.
  • Norfolk, Virginia: 1855.
  • Bermuda: 1843, 1853.
  • Texas and Louisiana: 1867.
  • Lower Mississippi Valley: 1878.

Who was the first victim of yellow fever?

Kate Bionda, the first Memphis resident to get yellow fever, died on August 13. After that, yellow-fever infections spread quickly throughout Memphis. Most of the residents who were able to fled the city. Twenty-five thousand people picked up and left within a week.

Is Memphis segregated?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis is America’s 4th Most Segregated City, according to a new report. 24/7 Wall St. reported 46.4% of the African American population in the city lives in neighborhoods where at least 4 in 5 residents are black.

Is Memphis the blackest city?

This is a list of cities with large African American populations….Top 10 Cities of over 100,000 with the highest percentage of African-American people.

City Memphis, Tennessee
African Americans, alone Rank 6
Percentage of total population 63.3
Mixed-race African-American Rank 225
Percentage of total population 0.8

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