How did my failures Make Me a better dentist?

How did my failures Make Me a better dentist?

The memory of my failures has made me a better dentist, one who is more humble and more aware of his limitations. Success is great but it is also a tonic. Success can make you believe that you can do things that you should not do. A little reality can go a long way.

When do patients get angry with their dentist?

When a patient believes that his or her physician or dentist does not care or believes that money is the primary concern, the patient will get angry, and find fault – whether fault exists or not. I still call my surgical and root canal patients the day af ter a procedure.

Which is the most common problem faced by any dentist all over India?

One of the most common problems faced by any dentist all over India. The only way around is practice. With time a dentist gets good at it. It is learning as you do more cases. As a matter of fact, this problem is not only related to RCT. There is a bigger picture here.

Why did I want to be a dentist?

A patient who believes he or she has received excellent care will be a happier, more appreciative patient. When I first went into private practice, I micromanaged everything, and became angry when a team member had to take time off for illness, a sick child, or any other reason.

What to do if you have a problem with your dentist?

Contact your state dental board. Some dental societies have established a dispute resolution system called peer review to help resolve the occasional disagreement about dental treatment.

What was the case of the dentist that sold his practice?

The case was an elderly mother against a dentist in practice for 20 years. The dentist had sold his practice to another dentist, inflating the margins and inflating the value of the practice with procedures that people didn’t need. I had seen this plenty of times before, but this abuse of patient care was egregious.

Who is the best lawyer for dental malpractice?

The Philadelphia dental malpractice attorneys at Ginsburg & Associates Trial Lawyers are proud to provide knowledgeable guidance, customized legal services, and dedicated representation to the residents of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you’ve been injured by a negligent dental professional within these states, we can help.

What are the defenses in a dental malpractice case?

One of the most important defenses in a dental malpractice case is proper documentation. The patient’s dental record must contain a clear chronology of events, future treatment plans, and all the important communication between the dentist and patient.