How common is rabies in Thailand?

How common is rabies in Thailand?

How bad is the outbreak? There have been 400 confirmed cases of rabies in animals in Thailand since the beginning of the year, according to the Department of Livestock Development (DLD). That’s double the number over the same period in 2017. Dogs are the main carrier of rabies in Thailand, followed by cows and cats.

Is Thailand a rabies free country?

BANGKOK — Thailand has set a target of becoming a rabies-free country by 2020, and the government has put the nation on full alert following the worst infection rate in nearly four decades.

What country has the most deaths from rabies?

An estimated 31,000 human deaths due to rabies occur annually in Asia, with the majority – approximately 20,000 – concentrated in India. Worldwide, India has the highest rate of human rabies in the world primarily due to stray dogs.

How many people die of rabies each year worldwide?

Each year, rabies causes approximately 59,000 deaths worldwide.

Is Canada a rabies-free country?

Some of the countries that are generally classified as rabies-controlled are: Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Grenada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Kuwait, Latvia, Qatar, Slovakia, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, UAE, USA, UK.

Is rabies a problem in Thailand?

Although Thailand, is generally a very safe country for expats, rabies outbreaks in Thailand is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to health issues you have to be aware of. The best way to get your health risks covered is by securing expat medical insurance in Thailand.

How long does it take for rabies to kill you?

Death usually occurs 2 to 10 days after first symptoms. Survival is almost unknown once symptoms have presented, even with intensive care. Rabies has also occasionally been referred to as hydrophobia (“fear of water”) throughout its history.

How many people die a year from rabies?

Rabies caused about 17,400 deaths worldwide in 2015. More than 95% of human deaths from rabies occur in Africa and Asia. About 40% of deaths occur in children under the age of 15.

Are there any countries at risk of rabies?

A to Z list of countries and their category of risk for rabies. The country or animal risks presented here represent risks as assessed by Public Health England for use in post-exposure risk assessments.

When was the last death from rabies in Israel?

The last death was in 2003, when a 58-year-old Bedouin woman was bitten by a cat and became infected. She was not inoculated and later died. Rabies is not endemic to Israel, but is imported from neighbouring countries. The areas of highest prevalence are along the northern region, which are close to Lebanon and Syria.

Are there any confirmed cases of rabies in Australia?

There have been two confirmed human deaths from the disease, in 1987 and 1990. Both were contracted overseas. There is also a report of an 1867 case. There has been professional concern that the arrival of rabies in Australia is likely, given its wide spread presence in Australia’s neighbour, Indonesia.

How many people have died from rabies in Asia?

Approximately 90% of all human rabies deaths are reported from Asia, where canine rabies is endemic and few if any effective animal control programmes are in place. The estimated death toll of 45 000-55 000 is considered to be an underestimate because rabies is not a notifiable disease in many of the Asian countries where most of the deaths occur.

Is the rabies outbreak in Thailand under control?

Rabies is passed on to humans from infected animals and is almost always fatal. Authorities say the outbreak is “under control” and aim to vaccinate 10 million dogs and cats by September.

How much does it cost to treat rabies in humans?

Of the infections acquired in the United States, 70% were attributed to bats. Although human rabies deaths are rare, the estimated public health costs associated with disease detection, prevention, and control have risen. These costs include pet vaccination, animal control programs, laboratory maintenance, and medical costs.

How many rabies cases have there been in the United States?

From 1960 to 2018, 127 human rabies cases were reported in the United States, with roughly a quarter resulting from dog bites received during international travel. Of the infections acquired in the United States, 70% were attributed to bat exposures.