How can you tell if your friend is bipolar?

How can you tell if your friend is bipolar?

7 signs of mania

  1. feeling overly happy or “high” for long periods of time.
  2. having a decreased need for sleep.
  3. talking very fast, often with racing thoughts.
  4. feeling extremely restless or impulsive.
  5. becoming easily distracted.
  6. having overconfidence in your abilities.

Do bipolar people know they are bipolar?

So no, not everyone who has bipolar disorder knows they have it. There are lots of reasons why someone with bipolar disorder might not realize it—or why they might deny having it even if they do. If you think someone you know might have untreated bipolar disorder, there are a few things you can do to help.

How does bipolar affect friendships?

Similarly, the amount of work someone who has a loved one with bipolar can become exhausting at times as well. Emotional work can be difficult, and there may be times that that person needs to pull back some to take care of themselves before returning to the full force of the friendship.

How can you tell if a girl is bipolar?

Bipolar disorder symptoms in females

  1. feeling “high”
  2. feeling jumpy or irritated.
  3. having increased energy.
  4. having elevated self-esteem.
  5. feeling able to do anything.
  6. experiencing reduced sleep and appetite.
  7. talking faster and more than usual.
  8. having rapid flights of ideas or racing thoughts.

How do you apologize for bipolar?

What to Do When You Say the Wrong Thing to Someone with Mental…

  1. Educate Yourself. Some words that you think may be completely harmless can cause a wave of emotion in others.
  2. Apologize. If you make a mistake and catch yourself in the moment, apologize for the hurtful thing that you’ve said.
  3. Walk Your Talk.

Does Bipolar get worse as you get older?

Bipolar may worsen with age or over time if this condition is left untreated. As time goes on, a person may experience episodes that are more severe and more frequent than when symptoms first appeared.