How can I stop my neighbors from feeding feral cats?

How can I stop my neighbors from feeding feral cats?

If the neighbor is leaving the food out ON her own property – not much. You can certainly TRY a local feline rescue service, Code Enforcement, or even animal control of course, but feral cats are no picnic to catch.

What can I do about feral cats?

5 Ways You Can Help Stray and Feral Cats

  1. Don’t contribute to the problem. “It goes without saying that you should spay and neuter your own cats,” says Linda P.
  2. Don’t feed and forget feral cats.
  3. Show you care with cash.
  4. Volunteer your time.
  5. Become a colony caretaker.

Do cats have a legal right to roam?

There aren’t usually statewide laws, either. While the US does have countrywide and statewide laws on things like animal cruelty, your city or county sets laws regarding free-roaming cats. Many laws on free-roaming cats are strict and could result in your cat being impounded or put down by a local shelter.

Is it OK for my Neighbor to feed feral cats?

Feral cats are very territorial and removing one colony of cats usually results in another one moving in. If your neighbor is too kind hearted to stop feeding those strays, then it’s better to be feeding spayed strays than a bunch of cats in heat.

What happens if you stop feeding stray cats?

Feeding stray cats is a humane gesture but it is not encouraged especially because it may lead to overpopulation, the cats may carry diseases and they may get aggressive. What happens if I stop feeding stray cats? So, what happens if you stop feeding stray cats? Will these cats starve?

How to get rid of your neighbor’s cats?

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What should I do if I find a stray cat?

Here are some steps that you may want to do when you encounter stray cats: do not feed them. just passively acknowledge their presence. be gentle with your actions if a stray cat comes up to you. just let them be but do not make conscious efforts to pet or feed them.

What to do with feral cats in your neighborhood?

Providing food is one of the simplest things you can do to help care for the feral cats in your neighborhood, but it is also one of the most effective. Whether you’re feeding them wet or dry food, dependable feedings can help them stress less about where they will find their next meals.

Should you feed stray or feral cats?

You should feed stray cats during the day and avoid feeding or leaving food out in the open after dusk. By doing so, you will avoid attracting wild animals and insects that can spread diseases or ultimately steal the food from the cats and leave them without a meal once again.

How often should feral cats be fed?

A minimum of three times a day for adults, four if you can manage it, and at least four times a day for kittens. Three times a day is easy to do if you feed shortly after you rise in the morning, immediately after you arrive home from work, and last thing before you retire for the night.