Does CB-1 Weight Gainer actually work?

Does CB-1 Weight Gainer actually work?

Results show CB-1 users gain more weight on average than with diet alone.” They go on to boast that in an “8-week clinical study, subjects gained an average of three pounds after taking CB-1 Weight Gainer for four weeks.

Does CB-1 have side effects?

Accordingly, CB(1) receptor activation may, in some cases, precipitate episodes of psychosis and panic, while its inhibition may lead to behaviours reminiscent of depression and anxiety-related disorders.

Does Walmart sell CB-1 Weight Gainer?

Follow Us: As of 2015, Walmart does not sell CB1 Weight Gainer. Walmart does sell weight gain formulas from ABN, MRM, Naturade and Champion Performance, among others.

How much weight can you gain with CB 1?

As a result of CB-1 Weight Gainer, I have been able to maintain a healthy weight of 152 and overcome a lot of challenges that come with this disease. Thanks CB-1!!!* I’m 37 years old and I was always petite and tiny, although I had a pretty big appetite. I was 120-123 lbs for a long time, even after I had my second baby…

Which is the best weight gainer pill for men?

Gain Weight Pills (60 Tablets) GAIN Weight Fast – Weight Gain Plus Increase Appetite Enhancer/Appetite Stimulant Weight Gain Herbal Supplement. Safe Weight Gainer Pills for Men & Women. Pill Cutter for Small or Large Pills. The Best Multiple Pill Splitter Ever! Design in The USA. Doubles as a Pill Box.

Can a weight gainer make you hungry as a wolf?

CB-1 makes you hungry as a wolf! I’m very, very happy that I found CB-1 Weight Gainer. It does wonders. Before using CB-1 I tried several things to gain weight. But everything failed. When I bought CB-1 I was skeptical.

Is the CB1 weight gainer a patented product?

CB1 weight gainer is a weight gain pill that is marketed to help the user gain weight. The product is not patented, but it does have a patent pending application. Here is the CB1 weight gain pill application.

How long does it take to gain weight with CB 1?

Clinically Tested†. CB-1® was put to the test in an 8-week randomized, controlled clinical trial. Gain Weight That You Maintain†. Many weight gain pills are just multi-vitamins. Others only make you gain temporary water weight. A Complete Weight Gain Program. Every order includes the CB-1® Weight Gain Guidebook.

What are the ingredients in CB1 weight gain pills?

The ingredients in CB1 weight gain pills is two types of alkamide or isobutylamide compound extracted from Echinacea species along with an antioxidant and optionally minerals.

Which is the best weight gainer for You?

CB-1® Weight Gainer is a natural weight gain pill. CB-1® was designed for people who struggle to put on weight and suffer from a fast metabolism or weak appetite.