Do you need permission to quote someone?

Do you need permission to quote someone?

As a general guideline, if you’re going to be quoting a lot of text, get permission. And if you’re just quoting a single line but aren’t certain it’s okay to do it, get permission then too. You might think you don’t need permission for short quotes from properly cited sources. But when in doubt, play it safe.

Why is the Bible copyrighted?

Under the provisions of the Berne Convention, copyright is granted to the author on creation of the work. Several religions claim that all or some of their works were authored (written or dictated) by their god or gods. Many editions of the Bible are under copyright due to their unique edition or translation.

Which Bible translations are public domain?

Douay-Rheims the basis for CPDV (Catholic Public Domain Version), King James, American Standard Version (revision of KJV), which is the basis of the World English Bible. Basically anything older than 100 years old is usually public domain.