Do you feel a lump in your stomach when you lay down?

Do you feel a lump in your stomach when you lay down?

It seems to retract into upper abdomen when exhaling and go to the right of the navel when inhaling, but I can only feel it when I am lying down. Loading… Hey Me23, are you going to the doctor for this???

Why does my stomach hurt when I Lay Down?

… Hi, I have recently noticed that when I lay down, if I press my hand against the lower part of my stomach, there is some kind of lump that moves to the upper part of my stomach. When I inhale, it goes back to its original position, unless i keep pressing, then it stays higher.

What causes a hard lump in the stomach?

Abdominal lumps can be hard or soft and may feel sore. However, they may also appear with no additional symptoms. In this article, we look at the causes and symptoms of abdominal lumps, as well as diagnosis, treatment, and when to see a doctor. A hernia is a common cause of abdominal lumps.

Can a large abdominal lump cause back pain?

When big enough, it can cause a large pulsating abdominal mass that can cause back pain. This can be a life-threatening condition, which needs immediate treatment. The urinary bladder, uterus, ovaries and other organs of the genito-urinary system can develop lumps that may cause lower abdominal enlargement.

When do you feel a lump in your stomach?

Patient feels or can see a lump in the abdomen and pain is felt upon coughing, lifting or bending. Some patients may not experience any symptoms until there is worsening of the condition. The complications of inguinal hernia are same as umbilical hernia.

What causes a lump in the front of the abdomen?

The possible cause of the lump (mass) in your tummy (abdomen) will depend on where it is in your abdomen. The following lists are examples of the more common causes of an abdominal mass in each area. A lump (swelling) that can be seen and felt over the front of the abdomen (abdominal wall) may be a skin lump or a hernia.

What’s the prognosis for a lump in the stomach?

The complications and the prognosis of lump in stomach or abdominal mass depend on the diagnosis of the underlying condition, which has produced the abdominal mass. The causative condition can be mild and treatable, which makes the likelihood of complications less and gives a favorable prognosis.

Can a hernia cause a lump in the stomach?

Other characteristics, such as if there is any pulsation or peristalsis in the mass is checked to arrive at the correct diagnosis as to cause of the lump or mass in the stomach. If the cause of the lump in stomach is hernia, then it is easily diagnosable during the physical exam.