Do I need a brow lift or eyelid surgery?

Do I need a brow lift or eyelid surgery?

A blepharoplasty is recommended for patients that specifically want to address sagging, heavy eyelids and a brow lift is recommended for patients with lower or sagging brows. If the drooping of the eyelid goes away when your brows are raised, then a brow lift may be the procedure you are looking for.

What is the difference between a brow lift and eyelid surgery?

While a brow lift can lift your eyebrows and smooth your forehead area, an eyelid lift focuses solely on your eyelids. During an eyelid lift, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat from the lids, making them less droopy and puffy. Eyelid lifts can be performed on your upper lids, lower lids, or both.

Are brow lifts worth it?

Aging typically causes the brows to move down. As skin and soft tissues lose elasticity, the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes also shortens. The lower position of the eyebrows can make you look tired, angry or sad. A brow lift can raise the eyebrows and restore a refreshed, more pleasing appearance.

When to have eyelid and brow lift surgery?

If you’ve been having vision problems and you think your eyelids may be the problem, use your finger to hold your eyelid and eyebrow up. Look around in all directions. If lifting the skin seems to improve your vision, then drooping skin is likely the culprit and eyelid and brow surgeries will help correct it.

What are the incisions for a brow lift?

A brow lift is a slightly different procedure. When performing a brow lift, the surgeon makes incisions just above the brow to lift and tighten the skin above your eyes. This procedure leaves small but visible scars. Typically, incisions made in the hairline can make the scars less visible.

What kind of surgery do I need for an eyelid lift?

For an eyelid lift, you would consider eyelid surgery — or what doctors call blepharoplasty. Upper lid blepharoplasty is surgery to remove skin and sometimes the fat of the upper eyelid. Lower lid blepharoplasty addresses bags and wrinkles underneath the eye.

Who is the best doctor for brow lift?

If your drooping improves (but is not adequately corrected) by raising the brow to its ideal position then a combination of brow lift and upper blepharoplasty may be needed. Dr. Minas Constantinides is a board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon at Westlake Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery in Austin, Texas.

What are my options for a non-surgical brow lift?

While there are still surgical options available, nonsurgical treatment – also known as nonsurgical blepharoplasty – is also on the rise. These types of nonsurgical brow lifts may come in the form of injections, such as Botox and dermal fillers , which help to create the appearance of a skin lift without any surgery.

Do I need a brow lift or blepharoplasty?

If the crease of your eyelid becomes more visible as you raise your forehead skin and your eyes look more youthful, you may be a good candidate for a brow lift. But, if your eyelids still look droopy, you may be a need a blepharoplasty, instead.

What is eyebrow lift surgery?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead or eyebrow lift, is a cosmetic surgery procedure done to lessen creases that form on the forehead. The surgery may be performed to remove lines that develop over the years due to frowning, and it can also be employed for the repositioning of sagging or low eyebrows. Often,…

What is an eyelid lift surgery?

Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles. What is an Eyelid Lift? An eyelid lift (also called an eye lift or blepharoplasty) is a surgical procedure that reduces bags and puffiness from the lower eyelids and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids.