Can you get a sinus infection from an abscessed tooth?

Can you get a sinus infection from an abscessed tooth?

A tooth abscess may cause a sinus infection, as can almost any type of bacterial infection in your upper teeth. In fact, there’s a name for this type of sinus problem: maxillary sinusitis of endodontic origin. The maxillary sinus is located behind the cheekbones close to the roots of the upper back teeth.

Can wisdom teeth give you sinus infection?

The wisdom teeth are very close to the sinuses behind the nose; when they start to grow in the upper jaw, they may start putting pressure on the area. As a result, you could suffer from sinus headaches and congestion.

Can a sinus infection make your lower jaw swell?

Sinus infections, congestion and allergies can all affect the jaw and face, often causing swelling and pain.

Can a tooth abscess lead to a sinus infection?

If you have an abscess on your gums, you should seek dental treatment as soon as possible. Abscesses will eventually lead to tooth and gum pain, as well as sinus infections.

What causes an abscess at the root of a tooth?

A tooth abscess is a bubble of pus that’s caused by a bacterial infection. It may be located at the root of the tooth or on the gums near the affected tooth. It is usually due to an untreated cavity or injury.

Can a tooth abscess cause a cavernous sinus thrombosis?

In addition to the common localized pain and swelling that accompanies a dental abscess, a more rare complication of a tooth abscess can occur called a cavernous sinus thrombosis (CST). This is just one example of another serious issue that can arise from a dental abscess. The cavernous sinuses are cavities located at the base of the skull.

What to do if you have an abscess tooth infection?

A dental abscess infection is always considered a dental emergency. Any visible gum swelling (with pain or not) can be life-threatening if not treated quickly. During emergency treatment for a dental abscess, the surgeon will open up the abscess and drain it. This will relieve pressure and reduce any pain associated with the infection.

How serious is an infected wisdom tooth?

A severe wisdom tooth infection can spread throughout the mouth, jaw, and upper respiratory tract. In rare cases, the infection travels to the bloodstream. This is a serious health issue known as sepsis. Many dentists remove wisdom teeth at the first sign of trouble to avoid the risk of severe or recurrent infections.

How do sinus infections affect teeth?

On top of everything else a sinus infection brings, it can also cause tooth pain. That’s because your upper teeth are so close to your sinuses and when they get infected, it can feel like your mouth is infected too.

Why does sinus pressure hurt your teeth?

A sinus toothache is dental pain caused by a sinus infection. This pain around the teeth is the result of the infection of the top sinuses, wherein the sinuses filled with fluid cause pressure on the area just above the back teeth, thus causing them to feel pain.

Can wisdom tooth cause sinus problems?

Once again, the answer is yes: wisdom teeth can cause sinus issues, though this does not happen frequently. Sinus problems caused by wisdom teeth can range from pressure in the sinuses to headaches to stuffiness. The issue occurs when the teeth grow in on the upper jaw.