Can vitamin B complex affect your pee?

Can vitamin B complex affect your pee?

Another side effect of B-complex supplements is that it can turn urine bright yellow. Although discolored urine can be shocking, it’s not dangerous but simply your body getting rid of excess vitamins that it can’t use.

Can vitamin B irritate your bladder?

Health supplements you are taking to keep you healthy may actually be irritating your bladder! This can be especially true for health products that contain B vitamins, Vitamin C, certain herbal preparations including cranberry pills or health products with many fillers or artificial colours.

Why do B vitamins make me pee?

B-complex vitamins are water-soluble, which means they can dissolve in water, so they’re not stored in the body like many other nutrients. Throughout the day, your body will excrete the parts of the vitamin that it doesn’t absorb, often translating to bright yellow urine.

Does taking vitamin B12 make you pee a lot?

(Remember that B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, so if you take too much you’ll pee it out.) Still sluggish? Ask your doctor to check your blood levels and see if you have anemia.

Why does vitamin B complex make my urine yellow?

Riboflavin is a member of the B family of vitamins (B complex). It’s a water-soluble vitamin. Excess amounts are excreted through your kidneys. It makes the urine bright yellow.

Does B12 make urine yellow?

Bright yellow urine is a sign of excess B-vitamins in the body, including B-2 and B-12, although this condition is harmless. Taking B-vitamin supplements can lead to urine of this color. The yellow color darkens as the concentration of the urine increases.

What is B-complex good for?

B vitamins play a vital role in maintaining good health and well-being. As the building blocks of a healthy body, B vitamins have a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and cell metabolism. Vitamin B complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote: cell health.

Are there any side effects to taking vitamin B complex?

Change in the color of urine is one of the milder side effects of Vitamin B complex supplements. However, some of the other side effects associated with these vitamins may be more serious, such as: You may notice these side effects even if you take Vitamin B complex in the recommended doses.

Can a vitamin B complex make your urine Green?

However, certain combinations of the B vitamins found in complex formulas may have this effect on your urine color. In case you are concerned about passing green urine, it is best for you to speak with your doctor about it. Change in the color of urine is one of the milder side effects of Vitamin B complex supplements.

What does it mean when your urine is yellow after taking B complex?

Yellow or orange colored urine does not mean that you are taking an excess amount of B complex vitamin. In fact, if there is no change in the color of your urine after adding a B complex vitamin to your diet, it probably means that your brand of vitamins is not being absorbed by your body. In such cases, it may be best for you to change brands.

Why are B vitamins bad for your bladder?

One of the few things that can still flare up interstitial cystitis symptoms for me are B vitamin complex supplements. These tend to cause a burning sensation and a slight loss of bladder muscle tone. There is a reason why B vitamin supplements can be a problem for IC sufferers, which I’d like to share with you today.

Does B12 make you Pee?

Taking B-complex vitamins, which include vitamin B12, can cause urine to have a bright yellow or even orange color, but check with your doctor to be sure that’s what is going on in your case. B vitamins are water-soluble vitamins, which means that what your body doesn’t use is excreted in your urine.

Does B12 color urine?

Vitamin B12 complex can cause bright, yellow urine because it’s a water-soluble vitamin. A yellow or light orange color may be caused by removal of excess B vitamins from the bloodstream, but other nutrients such as carotenoids can also lead to yellowish coloring of the urine.

What vitamins cause urine odor?

Likewise, compounds in certain vitamins can also change the way your pee smells. Water-soluble vitamins are the likely culprits responsible for causing pee to smell different. Among water-soluble vitamins, vitamin B6 — also known as pyridoxine — is especially known to cause a strong odor when excreted in urine.