Can Strattera cause cramping?

Can Strattera cause cramping?

Stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, constipation, tiredness, loss of appetite/weight loss, dry mouth, dizziness, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, or decrease in sexual ability/desire may occur. In women, menstrual cramps or missed/irregular periods may also occur.

Can Strattera make you feel weird?

You will experience some nausea and stomach pain in the beginning and sweating or feeling lightheaded if you don’t take it easy.

Can Strattera cause stomach pain?

Strattera can cause very significant abdominal pain, nausea and drowsiness, especially when starting the medication. Strattera tends to offset the effect of the stimulant starting to work and then wearing off. At times, it still should be taken more than once a day.

Does Strattera feel like a stimulant?

Does Strattera feel like a stimulant? Strattera is not a stimulant (like Adderall). However, Strattera does have some of the same potential side effects as Adderall and other stimulants, like a faster heartbeat or increased blood pressure.

Is it OK to take Strattera at night?

A common complaint about Strattera is that it causes sedation, but Biederman says daytime sleepiness can usually be avoided by giving the drug at night.

How long do side effects of Strattera last?

Half-Life Of Strattera Strattera has a relatively short half-life of about 5.2 hours in patients with a fast metabolism. In some cases, where patients have a slow metabolism, Strattera’s half-life can be increased to about 21.6 hours.

Are there any side effects associated with Strattera?

Commonly observed adverse reactions associated with the use of Strattera (incidence of 2% or greater) and not observed at an equivalent incidence among placebo-treated patients (Strattera incidence greater than placebo) are listed in Table 2.

Is it safe to take Strattera while breast feeding?

It is not known whether atomoxetine passes into breast milk or if it could affect a nursing baby. Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby while taking Strattera. Strattera is not FDA-approved for use by anyone younger than 6 years old. How should I take Strattera? Take Strattera exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Do you need to check your heart rate while taking Strattera?

While taking Strattera, your doctor will need to check your progress at regular visits. Your heart rate, blood pressure, height and weight may also need to be checked often. Store at room temperature away from moisture and heat.

What’s the generic name for the drug Strattera?

Strattera Generic Name: atomoxetine (AT oh mox e teen)

What are the side effects of the drug Strattera?

Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, constipation, headache, dry mouth, tiredness, and sleepiness are the most commonly reported side effects. Strattera has been associated with an increased risk of suicidal thoughts or behavior in children and adolescents with ADHD.

What are the side effects of Strattera and Intuniv?

For Intuniv : 1 Drowsiness. 2 Fatigue. 3 Nausea. 4 Weakness. 5 Stomach pain. 6 (more items)

Do you need to check your blood pressure with Strattera?

Strattera does not require routine laboratory monitoring, although a doctor may wish to regularly check heart rate and blood pressure and in children, growth rate. The dosage of Strattera does not need adjusting in severe kidney disease.

How long does it take for Strattera to be absorbed in the body?

Strattera is well absorbed after oral administration and maximal plasma concentrations are reached approximately one to two hours after dosing. Food does not affect the absorption of Strattera. The full effects of Strattera on ADHD symptoms may take several weeks to develop.