Can infection come back after root canal?

Can infection come back after root canal?

Most first-time root canal treatments achieve their purpose in saving an internally decayed tooth and extending its life to match those of the patient’s non-decayed teeth. Occasionally, though, a root canal-treated tooth may become re-infected by decay.

When did the pain from a root canal go away?

I got a root canal 2 months ago. I had a crown on the tooth so the dentist went through the crown. A week after the RC, I had discomfort when I chewed food or touched one side of the tooth. It went away until 2 weeks ago when the pain came back. Now it hurts to chew hard things, sensitive to touch the tooth with my tongue, toothbrush, etc.

What happens if you have a failed root canal?

This is especially important if the tooth to be extracted is in the upper front area. It will have consequences on the final result and cosmetic appearance of the implant. A previous failed root canal can be a major detriment to having an implant.

When to see an endodontist after a root canal?

If your symptoms persist or worsen, you may want to consider seeing the endodontist again to have them take a CBCT (3D xray) to determine if the tooth is cracked and needs extracted. Many times immediately after a root canal, the tooth can still have sensitivity to touch or bite.

What to do if your Tooth Hurts after a root canal?

Lastly, if the tooth discomfort still persists, there may be a small crack running down the tooth. If this is the case, the pain will gradually get worse ultimately needing to be extracted. I would consult with your dental provider and suggest taking a CBCT of that tooth to further investigate why the tooth is still uncomfortable.

When to go back to the dentist after a root canal?

Sometimes the instrument itself may be inserted past the tip of the root, irritating the surrounding tissues. But if after a week or two if the pain is not getting significantly better, it is a good idea to go back to the dentist for examination.

How long does it take for pain to go away after a root canal?

Most of the time, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort. Generally speaking, having a root canal should remove the pain you are feeling from an infected tooth. Most pain should subside within a week of having a root canal completed.

What are the symptoms of a failed root canal?

In some cases, you may experience root canal failure with no pain, swelling, or other symptoms. Your first inkling that something is wrong may come from a routine x-ray at your dentist’s office — which is why it’s so important to stay up-to-date with your dental appointments.

Why did I have to have so many root canals?

Most of my root canals were done over two or three appointments because I had a lot of pain and inflammation inside the teeth, they were quite difficult to numb and so the treatment was spread over several appointments.