Can I say kind help?

Can I say kind help?

‘Thanks for your kind help’ is fine, but you can’t put an ‘s’ on ‘help’ here. If you want to make it clear that you are thanking more than one person you can say, for example: ‘Thanks to all of you for your help’ or ‘Thanks, everyone, for your help’.

Is it correct to say please kindly?

Both the adverbs are used in polite requests, and one of the meanings of kindly is please. In a sentence like “please kindly send me a copy of your paperwork,” please and kindly are redundant. In a sentence like “will you kindly sign the enclosed copy of this letter,” kindly is often used ironically.

Is it OK to use kindly?

Please, never use the word “kindly” when interacting with Americans. In the view of Americans, only English-speaking Indians use this word. It comes across as low-brow, patronizing, and overly sensitive.

How do you use kindly?

“Kindly” can be an adverb, a word that usually describes a verb. If your teacher says, “Kindly hand in your homework,” she is using kindly as an adverb to make a polite request. Another way to use the word as an adverb is: The animal doctor always treats our pets kindly.

What is the difference between kind and kindly?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, third edition 2000: Kindly is either the adverb of kind: He kindly opened the door for me, or an adjective with a slightly different meaning from kind which is much less comon: She is a kindly person. The adjective kindly describes a person’s general character.

Is kindly a formal word?

“Kindly” I rarely see this word in formal emails. If you are still using this word, it is best you stop. It is old-fashioned and seemingly antiquated. It is better you use “please” rather than “kindly.”

Can I use kindly instead of please?

“Please” can also be used as a verb ( E.g. Please yourself with a sumptuous breakfasts) whereas “”kindly” cannot be used as a verb. “Please” use the word “kindly” when you want to express your “meaning” plus your “feeling” !

Which is more polite please or kindly?

“Please” is used more in casual & spoken English while “kindly” would be more formal way of communicating particularly in official letters.

Is kindly note rude?

It’s certainly not rude, but it’s almost pretentious in an email. It’s something that was used in typed bills and letters long before computers such as – kindly remit payment at your soonest.

Is kindly a adjective?

adjective, kind·li·er, kind·li·est. having, showing, or proceeding from a benevolent disposition or spirit; kindhearted: kindly people.

When to use kindly in a kind way?

B1 in a kind way: used when asking someone to do something, especially when you are annoyed with them but still want to be polite: A kindly person or action is a kind one: (of a person) having a character that is generous, helpful, and caring about other people: in a generous, helpful, and caring way:

Which is correct ” Could you Please assist ” or ” kindly request “?

could you please assist vs kindly request for your assistance on this subject. The correct phrase would be “could you please assist.”. You can request something, but you don’t “request for” something.

When do you use please and kindly together?

You could be handling a situation in which you really do not want the other person to take offense. Or, you could just honestly feel that the other person would not listen to you if you tried to be more forceful. Either way, only use them together when you really need to try to be extra polite.

What do you mean by ” could you kindly check “?

It’s usual to ask for someone else to be kind and do something. I would like to ask [you] could you kindly check……? However, “I would like to ask” is meaningless, because you are asking.

Which is correct ” kindly help me bring it ” or ” kindly “?

“Look for” would be expression to describe searching for a particular item; the goal is to find the item. “Look into” describes investigating something complex in order to have a better understanding of the complications; the goal is better understanding. I look for signs of spring; I look for my lost keys.

How to say thank you for your kind help?

Thank you for your kind advice, Sam. Thank You for Your kind heart and the hospitality. Thank you for your kind introduction, Mr President. Thank you for your kind words, Mr Bolkestein. Thank you kindly there, Kenny. Well, thank you kindly, ma’am. Thank you kindly, but unfortunately my father is waiting for me.

It’s usual to ask for someone else to be kind and do something. I would like to ask [you] could you kindly check……? However, “I would like to ask” is meaningless, because you are asking.

Which is better, could you kindly or could you please?

If you wanted to sound a little more formal, you could say I should be most grateful if you would send me the document. I would prefer the word please in more formal communications. Kindly would be better-suited for familiar environments. Also, I would use the word “would” instead of “could.”