Can head injury affect eyesight?

Can head injury affect eyesight?

Visual Field Loss – Partial or complete vision loss can also occur after a head trauma. The area of the brain that has been affected as well as the extent of the damage will determine your field of view. This may cause such problems as bumping into objects, being struck by approaching objects, or sudden falls.

What happens to your eyes after a head injury?

Migraines are frequent after a head injury. Some migraines are accompanied by vision problems such as blurred vision or flickering lights. Detached retina. After a head injury, the retina may tear away from the back of your eye and lose its blood supply.

Why do I have double vision in my left eye?

Double vision interferes with quality of life. It can make some activities such as driving very hazardous. In rare cases, double vision may be a symptom of a brain injury, stroke, or tumor. All of these are good reasons to have any episodes of double vision checked by a medical provider.

What causes loss of vision in both eyes?

Hemianopsia is a loss of vision in half of the visual field of one or both eyes. Common causes are stroke, brain tumor, and trauma to the brain.

Can You Go Blind from a head injury?

Blindness is a result of the more serious head injuries. If you sustain a projectile through your head or land hard on the back of your head, that can damage the occipital area enough to leave your blind or seriously compromise your eyesight. Fortunately, these instances are rare. Call a Brain Injury Attorney

What causes vision problems after a head injury?

Some vision problems can be due to trauma to the eye, says Majid Moshirfar, MD, an ophthalmologist at the Moran Eye Center at the University of Utah. But many other vision problems are actually caused by injury to your brain.

What causes blindness in the back of the head?

Blindness can come from a penetrating injury like a gun shot or a non-penetrating injury like a blast in combat. It can also be a result of an injury to the back of the head — like from a fall — that destroys or damages an area that coordinates signals between the brain and the eyes.

Can a head injury cause a retinal detachment?

“I’ve seen patients who have a head injury and they bleed into the retina and have retinal detachment in both eyes,” Dr. Moshirfar says. “That’s a very serious problem requiring surgical intervention.” In a retinal detachment, the retina comes loose — an issue that can potentially cause permanent blindness.