Can dehydration cause elevated MCV?

Can dehydration cause elevated MCV?

High values can indicate polycythemia or dehydration. MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) is the average size of red blood cells in a blood sample.

What does it mean if your MCV and MCh are high?

What does it mean if your MCV and MCH are high? Your MCH will reflect your MCV. That means you’ll have more hemoglobin if your red blood cells are larger than normal. Red blood cells can grow too large when you have fewer of them than normal — a condition called macrocytic anemia. You may have high MCH if you have very low vitamin B12 or folate.

What causes your MCH to be below normal?

Your MCH dips below normal when your body doesn’t make enough hemoglobin. One reason for this is microcytic anemia. That means your red blood cells are too small. Extremely low iron levels are usually the cause of this type of anemia.

What causes high blood pressure and MCh levels?

What cancers cause high MCH levels? Other possible reasons for a high MCH test include several other forms of anemia, thyroid dysfunction, chemotherapy, certain infections, over use of estrogen-containing medications, some forms of leukemia and hereditary spherocytosis; a condition that causes a shortage of red blood cells.

What kind of anemia is associated with high MCV?

An elevated MCV is also associated with alcoholism (as are an elevated GGT and an AST/ALT ratio of 2:1). Vitamin B12 and/or folic acid deficiency has also been associated with macrocytic anemia (high MCV numbers).

What medications cause high MCV?

MCV is raised by phenytoin, metformin, sulfasalazine, ziduvidine and chemotherapeutics drugs like methotrexate.

What causes elevated MCV?

The MCV becomes elevated if there is a problem with red blood cells dividing when they are being produced in the bone marrow. Common causes of elevated MCV include alcohol use, low levels of Vitamin B12 or folate.

What causes high MCV level?

There are many possible reasons why the MCV level can be too high. Cirrhosis (a type of disease that destroys the liver) can cause high MCV levels. MCV level is alcohol abuse. Hypothyroidism can cause the MCV level to be too high.

Why your MCV is too high?

The most common cause of high MCV results is Macrocytic Anemia, also called Macrocytosis. This means that your blood cells are too large. If your results are high your doctor will likely want to run further tests. But note that elevated levels are often a benign or very low risk.