Can back problems cause hip and groin pain?

Can back problems cause hip and groin pain?

Whereas groin pain is a telltale sign that the pain is linked to the hip, pain above the waistline that travels down the body typically indicates a low back issue. A low back problem may also be responsible for other types of lower body pain, including thigh, buttock, and below-the-knee pain.

Can lower back issues cause groin pain?

Back problems. Spine problems in the back near the lower ribs can pinch the nerves that travel through the groin area and cause groin and thigh pain. Spine problems include a herniated disc or lumbar narrowing (stenosis).

What helps nerve pain in groin?

Do daily stretches to relieve pressure on your groin nerves. Apply a cold pack to reduce swelling or a hot pack to relax muscles. Consider using a standing desk or posture corrector to reduce pressure on your hips and groin and prevent nerve pinching. Take over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen (Advil).

What does a pinched nerve in the groin feel like?

Common symptoms of a pinched groin nerve include: loss of sensation in the areas supplied by the nerve is, as if it’s “asleep” weakness or loss of muscle strength in the affected area, especially when you walk or use pelvic and groin muscles. pins and needles sensation (paresthesia)

What causes pain in the lower back and groin area?

Depending on the type of trauma, the healing time and treatment needed can vary. Both overuse and trauma injuries to the lower back or groin area can lead to weakness in the legs, tingling, numbness, pain, stiffness, or popping sensations. Decreased range of motion and mobility in muscles and joints over time can cause discomfort and pain.

What causes sharp pain in lower back and hip?

A shooting and sharp pain felt on one side on your lower back and hip may be caused by muscle spasm, joint dysfunction, and/or nerve compression in the region. Common conditions that cause this type of pain are discussed below.

Why does the left side of my hip hurt during pregnancy?

Left Side Hip Bone Pain During Pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant find that they have more pain near the left side hip bone. Of course, pregnancy pelvic pain can also affect the right side of the hip. Doctors from the National Health Service say that pain around the hip bones during pregnancy is called pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain.

Can a hernia in the groin cause back pain?

Inguinal Hernia A hernia in the groin area is referred to as an inguinal hernia. It involves soft tissue, often part of the intestine, pushing through weak groin muscles. It causes pain in the abdomen, lower back, or pelvis, especially when bending or lifting heavy objects.

Why does my hip hurt more than my back?

Another obvious sign that your hip is the source of your pain is pain around or over the hip joint. However, hip problems can also refer pain to your low back, contributing to the confusion over where the true source of the pain is located. Hip-related pain is most often caused by osteoarthritis in the hip.

Is it groin, hip or lower back pain?

The groin area is exactly where the upper and lower portions of the body come together. People may complain of pelvic pain when referring to their groin. There are muscles covering this area and these same muscles extend into the legs.

What causes radiating back, hip, and sciatic pain?

The sacroiliac joint connects the lower spine to the pelvis and any injury or strain to this area can cause a lot of back, hip, groin, and sciatic pain. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (SJD) can cause not only radiating lower back pain but can also severe pain in the hip area including hip pain at night when sleeping and hip pain when sitting.

Why does my groin hurt when I run?

Kelly was a road runner who complained of right sided groin pain. His groin pain had been present for 6 weeks and was gradually getting worse. His pain was worse after running and he was stiff and sore in the early mornings. As the day went on his groin pain eased off unless he went running.