Can a volleyball to the head cause a concussion?

Can a volleyball to the head cause a concussion?

There is no doubt that concussions can occur in volleyball. Yes, volleyball is not a contact/collision activity like some sports. However, when you combine high-speed hitting/serving along with aggressive diving and digging, there is definitely a risk for head impacts for both sand and indoor players.

What are some injuries you can get from volleyball?


  • Rotator Cuff Tendinitis. During serving and spiking, the rotator cuff muscles are important in generating the necessary power to move the shoulder.
  • Finger Injuries.
  • Ankle Sprains.
  • Patellar Tendinitis.
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury.
  • Low-Back Pain.

    What is volleyball concussion?

    Volleyball concussions occur three ways: Players, coaches or fans get hit with a ball; players run into the body part of a teammate; or players hit their head on the floor or another inanimate object in the gym, like the bleachers or net pole. It’s not limited to indoors.

    Is volleyball a dangerous sport?

    Although volleyball is a relatively safe sport compared to other high contact, collision sports, it does lend itself to unique injury patterns; particularly overuse injuries of the knee, shoulder and back.

    What happens when the ball hits the ground in volleyball?

    The ball hits the ground. This can cause the serving team to score 1 point for their team. If the ball hits the ground on the side of the serving team, then the other team has the opportunity to serve. If the ball hits the ground on the side of the receiving team, then the serving team can serve again.

    Where does the ball have to go to be good in volleyball?

    The ball has to go over the net (but it can touch), and it has to land within the court for the serve to be good. The player on the right-hand side at the back of the court serves. Each player will only receive one service attempt per serve rotation; you may serve as many times as you can get the ball in the other teams court.

    How do you rotate players on a volleyball court?

    You can rotate players around the court so that you will have a new server for each service game. If you are rotating players out, rotate clockwise — looking at the net, the player closest to it on the right side would rotate out, allowing for many players to play.

    What happens when you get hit in the head with a ball?

    It can also result from being hit in the head with a piece of sporting equipment. In a sport such as soccer, even “heading” the ball can cause a concussion. A concussion causes an alteration of a person’s mental status and can disrupt the normal functioning of the brain.

    What was the volleyball scene in Top Gun?

    Breaking Down The Top Gun Volleyball Scene. The Top Gun volleyball scene where Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider play sand volleyball in the scorching heat is possibly the most unrealistic scene in the history of motion pictures. Aliens attack the White House and threaten to destroy the planet earth. Sure, I can believe that.

    What happens if you hit the ball out of bounds in volleyball?

    If your team has hit the ball out of bounds on the other side of the court in the free zone (the area around the court), you can play the ball back onto your side and then back over the net properly as long as you can do it in 3 hits.

    Who was the volleyball player who scored a point off her face?

    Volleyball player scores point off her face in a delightful, real-life video. Scott Sterling, the fictional volleyball player who took repeated shots to the face, has officially met his match. Sabrina Radford, a Nampa (Idaho) junior, scored a point off her face while competing for her club team. It actually happened — in real life this time.

    Can a ball hit the net while serving in volleyball?

    Can The Ball Hit The Net While Serving In Volleyball? Yes, the ball is allowed to hit the net. If it goes over it’s a fair serve, if it doesn’t, the serving team loses the point and possession.