Can a retinal detachment of the macula be repaired?

Can a retinal detachment of the macula be repaired?

This will prevent any further detachment and also increase the chances of maintaining good vision. In case of macula detachment, it is difficult to restore vision to normal, but detached retina surgery may be performed to avoid total blindness. And your eye doctor will arrange your surgery after waiting 7 to 10 days.

What kind of surgery do you need for a retinal detachment?

If you have a retinal detachment, your doctor will talk to you about what treatment they recommend. Some people may need more than one type of surgery at once. Your doctor may also use laser surgery or freeze treatments during surgery to repair any tears or holes in your retina and help hold your retina in place after surgery.

What should my vision be after retinal detachment?

Eyes that present to me with 20/200 or worse visual acuity have likely had macular involvement, and if not APD, probably irreversible RPE changes in the macula. In that scenario, I expect 20/80-20/100 to be the best vision we can achieve with surgery.

Is it possible to have cataract surgery after retinal detachment?

The retina surgery was successful and the retina has remained attached and stable. A dense nuclear cataract developed in this eye and the vision declined to the Count Fingers level. He certainly could benefit from a cataract surgery, but we are not sure of the final visual potential which will be limited by the macular status.

When was the macula off retinal detachment repaired?

This patient is younger and had a macula-off retinal detachment repaired about a year ago. The retina surgery was successful and the retina has remained attached and stable.

When do you need surgery for a retinal detachment?

Retinal Detachment is a severe vision-threatening emergency and requires immediate surgical treatment. The retina is the eye’s “camera film” and forms the inside back surface of the eyeball. Please see How the Eyes Work for more details. Beneath the retina is a layer (the choroid) filled with blood vessels that supply the retina with nourishment.

What does it mean to have macula off retina?

A macula-off retinal detachment usually means a more limited visual prognosis because the critical central vision has been permanently altered from the event.

Can a cataract tear cause a retinal detachment?

Your IOL is positioned inside that same capsule and that keeps the vitreous gel in place. Sometimes during cataract surgery, the capsule is broken. That is a potential complication of the surgery. Then the vitreous moves forward and can lead to a retinal tear or detachment.