Can a person have anorexia if they lose the same amount of weight?

Can a person have anorexia if they lose the same amount of weight?

“If they lose the same amount of weight, over the same period of time, they will be just as malnourished and just as medically unstable as a so-called skinny kid,” said Garber. For all types of anorexia, these medical complications can result from behaviors like binging, purging, starving and overexercising.

What happens to your body if you become anorexic fast?

Becoming anorexia involves maintaining a strict weight loss diet. When this is not done properly, over time, it could lead to malnutrition and unhealthy weight loss. If you wished to become anorexic fast, we would recommend you have your diet planned out by a professional.

What kind of diet do anorexics go on?

Some anorexics use the “Coke diet” where you only drink water and diet soda. A little disclaimer would be that many studies have shown that diet soda should make you even more hungry, which very few anorexics would want. When there are stairs instead of an elevator, you go for the stairs.

What are the effects of anorexia nervosa on women?

When left untreated, effects of becoming anorexic will include: Fragile bones Infertility in some women Irregular heartbeat Affect the ability to think and make decision Starvation and Malnutrition Irrational behaviors especially about food Anxiety, depression and other mental condition

Why do people with anorexia want to be thin?

Due to this, some may believe that people with anorexia become extremely thin to seek praise or attention. Anorexia is a severe and debilitating psychiatric condition that is to be taken seriously.

What should you do if you have anorexia nervosa?

Put a large amount of salt on everything savoury. Eat raw garlic as a treat. Pile up 99% of the margarine in one corner of one of my pieces of bread. Eat a large amount of sweet food. Crave sweet food insatiably.

Is it possible to lose weight if you are anorexic?

Becoming anorexic often develop out of an anxiety about body shape and weight. It originates from the fear of being fat or overweight or in some cases, an increasing desire of being thin. There are some ways through which you could lose some weight, you should not try to become anorexic. You could try the following: 1. Weight loss pills

How long does it take to recover from anorexia?

I was shocked to find out over a year after I was diagnosed with anorexia that it takes years to fully recover from an eating disorder. Everyone is different and recovery time can vary based on how long you have had an eating disorder, your support system and resources and motivation for recovery.