Can a dentist fix my overbite?

Can a dentist fix my overbite?

Treating an Overbite and Correcting It Generally, a dentist will refer a patient with an overbite to an orthodontist for treatment. In children, they are easier to treat because a child’s jaw is still in the developmental stages. For children and teens, the most common issue is crowding of teeth in the mouth.

Do orthodontists fix Overbites?

Traditional braces are the most commonly used treatment for this condition. Minor or moderate overbites may be corrected with an aligner, such as the Invisalign braces. Very severe gaps between the upper and lower teeth that are caused by misalignment of the jaw bones may require surgery, as well as braces.

Is overbite correction necessary?

For those with a more severe overbite, it may be necessary to undergo jaw surgery in order to fix this issue. Individuals who suffer from misalignment of their jaw at an older age may need to consider surgery in order to prevent their overbite from causing more issues down the road.

At what age should an overbite be corrected?

An overbite can be treated at any age. However, it is easier to treat in younger children because their mouths are still developing. The American Dental Association recommends beginning treatment between the ages of 8 and 14. Early treatment is beneficial because it can prevent or minimize further complications.

How can you fix an overbite without surgery?

Braces remain the most common orthodontic treatment to correct overbite without surgery. While Invisalign and braces work in a similar way to shift teeth into the correct alignment, braces require more intensive treatment but they produce more significant results.

How can I fix an overbite at home?

At-home overbite treatment. Medical research suggests that clear plastic aligners can, for many people, work as well as braces, with a shorter treatment duration. There is also less embarrassment associated with this form of teeth straightening because aligners are not as noticeable as braces.

What’s the best way to correct an overbite?

1 Braces – move only the teeth to correct an overbite 2 Teeth removal – dentists and orthodontists try to avoid this procedure but will do this in very severe overbite cases to allow the teeth more freedom to move. 3 Surgery – jaw problems for skeletal-type overbites can only be corrected with surgery for adults.

Is it possible to fix an overbite with a retainer?

In some cases it’s possible to fix an overbite problem with a removable retainer. This works in a similar way to braces, slowly moving the teeth into the correct alignment. Your dentist will advise you on whether this is a suitable treatment in your case.

How long does it take for braces to correct overbite?

Braces are an effective way to re-align teeth. Most overbite correction in the UK is done using braces. Treatment with braces is effective and, when followed up with a retainer, the results should be lifelong. This treatment can take between one and two years; sometimes more.

Can a metal brace or Invisalign fix overbite?

Yes! To fix overbite, Invisalign works similarly to traditional braces. Both Invisalign and metal braces work by allowing for the gradual shift of the teeth over time. By shifting the teeth into their proper positions, the alignment of the upper and lower jaws improve, and the overbite is corrected.