Best Cooking Food Shows That Will Make You Crave Food

A hot plate of food while you binge-watch a show after a tiring workday is a dream for everyone. But what if, you are watching a food show while you are enjoying your food? Perfect combination, right? As someone too lazy to cook something, most of us rely on binge-watching cooking shows to satisfy our inner chef. So, maybe as you enjoy your pizza, some takeout, or just get to the usual microwaveable food, you can feast your eyes on something mouthwatering.

We can all agree that most of us cannot cook so well. Blame it on frozen food, some basic microwavable ready-made meals, or a hectic routine. As adults, our focus has been directed only on surviving and hardly on thriving. Traditionally, meals were prepared for families where they were cherished together. With the changing family dynamics when most of us learn to live alone, the attention is never on making something that can be cherished but instead we look for easy meal prep ideas that can satisfy our hunger. If you are looking for a meal partner, these shows can defiantly keep you company and you do not even need to share your food with anyone.

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Cooking Shows That Will Make You Crave Food

Globally, food has been a very important part of the culture and most people take immense pride in the flavors of their country. However, the average time spent preparing a meal has only shrunken over time.

A long time ago, preparing food was a community-based task. Women and men would come together and collect ingredients that would be used for preparing food. These food items would take so long to prepare that they would be seen as survival foods. Kimchi, century eggs, pickled vegetables, dried meat, sun-dried tomatoes, peach wine, and fruit leathers are a few examples of generational food.

The food that we eat and enjoy now is a modern take on most of the traditional items. Although we will never be able to prepare these foods on our own through these cooking shows at least we can feast our eyes.

Ugly Delicious

From the food fusion to the perfect food twists that we all love, the Ugly Delicious is a tribute to food and flavor mixes that we least expected. From the Tokyo pizza styles to some desi take on traditional Chinese flavors, this show takes a deep dive into the food combination. You will witness how a single popular dish when prepared and consumed in a different part of the world tastes completely different.

The show investigates the tasty flavors that migrated from their origins, flourished in a foreign land, and thrived at the hands of foreigners. Flavors so rich that even other countries were ready to embrace them with open arms.

MasterChef Junior

Ever wonder what will happen if you let your kids cook? Are you expecting some fire? Well, technically this show will prove you wrong on every level. MasterChef is the most famous franchise when it comes to cooking shows. Thanks to this franchise, we are familiar with some celebrity chefs and their way of explaining things.

You will witness 8-12 years old young talented chefs using their culinary powers and adding some unique flavors. Cherry on top, you will see some endearing scenes, especially you will see celebrity chefs going soft for kids who can practically cook better than most of us. You can stream MasterChef Junior on Hulu or watch it on Fox.

The Great British Baking Show

Accent, colors, sweet frosting, and some feisty banter. The Great British Baking Show is everything and a little bit more. This Netflix original will take you through a roller coaster ride where twelve amateur bakers will butt heads to win the title of Great British baker.

If you think this show is all about perfection, the right style, and the right taste, you need to focus on “amateur” again. You will see more of some feisty comments, messy frostings, some cream splatter, and a lot of themed cakes gone wrong situations. This is defiantly a fun watch for the time when you are finding it hard to work in the kitchen because it can motivate you to get in the kitchen.

Best Leftovers Ever!

We all like to buy things more than we can use; we love ordering take-outs and leaving leftovers in the fridge. What if you see celebrity chefs cooking seven-course meals using those sad and soggy leftovers? The Best Leftovers Ever! will make your culinary dreams come true.

In this show, three trained chefs are given leftovers to prepare a gourmet meal. This might seem a little challenging especially because most of the leftovers are fast food, tacos, or just some Chinese takeout. Watching this show is literally like witnessing history in the making. These trained chefs not only use their culinary magic on the leftovers but also compete for a hefty 10,000-dollar winning prize.

Selena + Chef

Do you ever try to cook things and they end up a disaster? Well, you are not the only one. Even the biggest stars in the industry go through the same. Selena + Chef is an HBO Max original series where you will see celebrity Selena Gomez cooking for the first time.

From clumsy food handling to some easy bruises, as she tries to master the food from different cuisines, you will fall in love with the idea of cooking. So far, this is the most real and raw depiction of a millennial trying to cook. If you are struggling with your cooking skills, this can be a game-changer for you.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, food might be something that makes us stand proud, but it is also something that brings us closer. From appreciating different flavors to trying some unexpected combinations, these shows will help you appreciate unique flavors.