Are there 2 types of hip replacement?

Are there 2 types of hip replacement?

There are two major surgical approach methods for performing a total hip replacement: the posterior approach (more common) the anterior approach (sometimes called the “mini-anterior approach” or “muscle-sparing hip replacement”)

How old was I when I had my hip replacement?

My path towards a total hip replacement operation began 12 years ago. Newly separated after a long marriage, I was busily reconstructing my life — and that involved taking up proper exercise for the very first time. At the age of 58, it wasn’t a moment too soon.

Where did I have my first hip operation?

So in January I had my first appointment with Matthew Burwell at one of the Circle hospitals (this one just south of Bath), which does NHS work as well as private. Then came the first revelation. I was pretty cavalier about the whole operation, but the experienced consultant quickly put me right.

When to see a hip replacement surgeon for follow-up?

I am very quick to offer a follow-up at the 6 month post-surgery time as well, but not all patients need that additional follow-up appointment. As stated, there is often variability with this particular schedule with some surgeons seeing their patients more or less frequently based on their experience and preference.

Can a hip replacement be done the same day?

However, under the same-day-discharge process, the patient is released from hospital within hours of the operation. Same day ER patients, says Cashman, make up a small, but increasing number of hip replacements. They are generally otherwise fit people, who live close to the hospital and have support at home, he explains.

Who was the first surgeon to do hip replacement surgery?

Healing time is quicker, and there is a faster return to normal strength and mobility. Dr. Roy I. Davidovitch, one of the pioneers of same-day hip replacement surgery, and the first surgeon to do the procedure in New York, has performed more than 100 such operations.

Can you have total hip replacement with anterior approach?

Total hip replacement with anterior approach is not an option for everyone. You may have other surgical choices, such as total hip resurfacing. Talk with your healthcare provider to see what makes sense for you. What are the risks of total hip replacement with anterior approach?

What are the follow up appointments for hip replacement?

These follow up appointments may continue for years, or even decades, depending on your surgeon’s preference. Follow-up appointments are a critical time of evaluation that can help ensure the recovery is proceeding as expected and can help detect any potential problems or complications that may require intervention.

When to come in for same day hip replacement?

“For a same-day replacement, a patient can come in at 9 a.m., be up walking with the physical and occupational therapists by 2 or 3 p.m., and leave by 5 or 6.” The anterior approach is a newer technique that minimizes post-surgical pain and helps patients to be relatively functional soon after they get home.